Bama Bound Checklist

The following tasks will need to be completed before your Bama Bound Orientation:

Register for Bama Bound.

Bama Bound for students entering in summer and fall terms are held in May, June, July and August. Please check to be sure the Bama Bound session you wish to attend is still open before making arrangements to participate.

Submit the required immunization form online to the Student Health Center.

The Student Health Center requires proof of your immunization record against childhood diseases such as measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) and tuberculosis (TB). Immunization information is required for all students before the beginning of classes. Visit for more information about obtaining and submitting this information to the Student Health Center.

**Forms can only be submitted through the student’s myBama. Please review this process at

Take your placement assessments.

The University of Alabama seeks to maximize your success as a student by taking steps toward ensuring your proper course placement.

Read more about the math placement assessments.
Read more about the foreign language placement assessments.

Know your Campus Wide Identification Number (CWID).

Upon your admission, you should have received a letter from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions with your CWID. You will use your CWID for a variety of purposes during Bama Bound. Your CWID can always be found in your myBama. Click More in the right corner then click on DegreeWorks.

Prepare for academic advising.

Prepare for your academic advising session by reviewing the undergraduate catalog. Begin organizing your ideas for conversation with your advisor prior to or during Bama Bound. Exploring course options early improves your advising experience.

Activate DUO.

DUO is a two-factor authentication tool designed to protect the sensitive information in your myBama account. See step-by-step instructions at

Prior to your orientation session, edit your DUO so any DUO notifications go the phone that you will be taking with you to course registration.

Submit your ACT Card photo online.

Your ACT Card is your official student ID for The University of Alabama and is loaded to your personal iPhone, Apple Watch or Android device. By using online photo submission you can choose the photo you want and download your card to your phone prior to arriving for you Bama Bound session. Photos must be submitted no later than one day prior to your Bama Bound session.Once your photo is approved, you can add your ACT Card to your personal device using the Transact eAccounts app. UA is a mobile-first campus meaning the mobile card is the official student ID for the University. The earlier you submit your photo, the earlier you can download your mobile ACT Card. If you do not have an eligible mobile device, please contact the Action Card Office at’s important to have your photo submitted and mobile card downloaded prior to arriving for your Bama Bound session as you will use your mobile card while staying on campus for orientation for building access and meals. You will also use the card for move in, so keep your mobile card, the eAccounts app and DUO on your device between your Bama Bound session and move in.

Confirm your scholarship and financial aid packages.

To make your orientation visit as productive as possible, confirm your financial aid and/or scholarship packages before arriving. If you received a scholarship from an organization outside of The University of Alabama, the organization needs to contact Student Account Services.

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