The name “Avanti” comes from the Italian word for forward, or ahead, as in to go forward. The Avanti Team is a distinguished student service organization founded in 1975 to assist new University of Alabama students in “moving ahead” with higher education aspirations.

To gain more information about being a member of the orientation team, please let us know by completing this short web form.

Meet the 2020 Avanti Team

Group photo of Avanti Team all wearing red shirts

By becoming well acquainted with Capstone academic programs and co-curricular opportunities, the Avanti Team provides essential support in preparing incoming students to meet the challenges of enrollment and in welcoming high school groups to campus for large-scale recruitment events.

The Avanti Team functions directly under the auspices of the Office of Orientation and Special Programs in the Division of Academic Affairs.

Contact our office for more information on joining the Avanti Team.