The University of Alabama seeks to maximize your success as a student by taking steps toward ensuring your proper course placement. If you are transferring the appropriate college-level math credit or have scored proficiently on standardized tests, then you are not required to take the math placement assessment.

You should not be overly anxious about placement assessments or attempt to “cram” beforehand; however, you should do your best.

Math Placement Assessment

For all new undergraduate students, initial math placement will be based on ACT or SAT math score or previous college mathematics credit. If a student does not have one of these or wishes to try and improve his/her placement, he/she may take the online math assessment. This should be completed one week prior to Bama Bound; we no longer offer the math assessment at Bama Bound.

Accessing the Math Skills Assessment

  1. Log into your MyBama account
  2. Select the “Admissions/Scholarship” tab
  3. Locate the “Undergraduate Admissions” section
  4. Under that section, locate “Admitted Freshman Next Steps”
  5. Click the “Math Assessment (optional)” link

If you are having trouble accessing the assessment, please email from your crimson email account. Make sure you include your Campus Wide ID number (CWID).

Foreign Language Placement Assessments

Students who take a foreign language are recommended to start in 101/102 level courses. If you have foreign language college transfer credit, CLEP Examination or AP Credit, you will be placed based on those credits.

If you do not have CLEP, AP or transfer credit but have two or more years of high school study in a foreign language, you may opt to take a foreign language assessment.