Parent Orientation

Parent Orientation addresses matters of particular interest to you as a parent or guardian. During Parent Orientation, you will receive an overview of the campus resources and support services available to assist your student in being a successful member of the Capstone community. Students may register parents for Parent Orientation during theĀ Bama Bound Orientation online registration.

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Sibling Orientation

To assist our students and their families in the transition to college, we offer the Sibling Orientation Program that allows junior high school aged and older siblings an opportunity to get to know UA, the place where their brother or sister will be living and learning during the next few years. Along with the Bama Bound New Student and Parent Orientation programs, our Sibling Orientation Program works to make the orientation experience one that the entire family can enjoy.

View Two-day tentative schedule for Sibling Orientation.

View One-day tentative schedule for Sibling Orientation.

If the Bama Bound student has a sibling that is a rising seventh grader through rising senior, then we invite them to attend the Bama Bound Sibling Orientation Program at the time that their brother or sister is attending Bama Bound Orientation at UA.

Students may register their siblings using theĀ Bama Bound Orientation online registration. Students will be asked to include the high school graduation year of the sibling at the time of registration.

Sibling Orientation is only available during Freshman Orientation sessions. Transfer Orientation sessions do not include a Sibling Orientation option.