Bama Bound, the University’s new student orientation program, is required of all new freshmen and transfer students. Bama Bound facilitates a smooth transition for freshmen and transfer undergraduate students by providing them with information they will need to ensure success at the Capstone. It also gives students the opportunity to learn about the University, including services offered to students, academic programs, and the process of enrolling in classes for their first term at UA.

When is Bama Bound?

Bama Bound for new students admitted for summer and fall takes place during May, June, July and August. Students admitted for summer terms will attend a special summer term orientation. Students attending orientations for summer school terms may register for both summer and fall courses during their Bama Bound session.

Bama Bound for new students admitted for the spring takes place prior to the start of classes in January.

Transfer students have the option to attend a mid-semester Bama Bound session. They occur in once in October and March. This will provide Transfer students with the opportunity to register for courses with the class designation they are transferring in as.

What will happen at Bama Bound?

During Bama Bound you will meet and get to know your incoming classmates and engage with currently enrolled UA students. You will also connect with members of our faculty and academic advising staff who will assist you in considering the appropriate path for your future.

You will be assigned to an Avanti group and they will be available to help you during Bama Bound. You will also learn about academic opportunities, University resources, services for students, and campus activities.

You will be able given the opportunity to visit your college or school. During this time you will learn about different opportunities to get more involved in your major and what your college or school has to offer you. You will be able to meet with an advisor and register for your courses.

Take a look at what the experience will be like, by checking out the temporary schedule. This will help you as prepare travel, when deciding how much time you will need to take off from work, and will give you a better over view of the entire Bama Bound experience. Remember that Bama Bound is mandatory for all incoming new students and so are each of the events scheduled.

Make sure to view the checklist for all of the items you should take care of prior to, during, and after Bama Bound to assure your success as a new UA student.

What about parents and siblings?

There is a parent orientation experience that accompanies most of the Bama Bound orientation sessions. Please visit the Parent Orientation website for program information and registration instructions. Students may register parents for Parent Orientation during the Bama Bound Orientation online registration.

Students may register their siblings who are rising seventh graders through rising seniors for Bama Bound Sibling Orientation. Sibling Orientation is a specialized program planned for the siblings of Bama Bound students attending most freshman orientation events.

Learn more about Bama Bound Sibling Orientation.

**Please note that Sibling Orientation is for Summer Bama Bound only and at least one guardian must be registered for and attend Parent & Family Orientation to have a sibling participate in Sibling Orientation.